Childbirth is an interesting period. You experience mixed feelings of happiness and anxiety because you don't know what to expect during the process. Generally, pregnancies are delicate and unpredictable. You might be expecting a normal childbirth but end up with complications that will keep you hospitalised for some time. Thankfully, you can avoid such terrifying incidences by going for an elective caesarean section. An obstetrician performs a surgical procedure by making incisions on your abdomen to deliver the baby. Here are some of the reasons you should consider going for an elective caesarean section.

  • Personal and Sentimental Reasons 

Do you have a preferred date or season that would like to have your baby? Your wishes might not come true if you opt to deliver naturally. Elective caesarean hands you the power to choose a precise date or period that you would like to have your child. You just need an examination by an obstetrician to determine when the baby will be ready for delivery then choose a date that you deem suitable. An elective caesarean section allows you to plan for your delivery dates. You can decide to deliver on a date with sentimental value or plan accordingly for your leave days. 

  • You Want to Avoid Episiotomy

Natural childbirth can be demanding on your body. Your organs must be up to the task by contracting and relaxing adequately so that you can shove the baby out of the womb. Sometimes, this is not possible due to physiological reasons. The changes occurring during pregnancy affect the structure of your vagina such that it might fail to provide enough space for the baby to pass through during delivery. In such cases, the obstetrician must perform episiotomy by making a small incision on the vagina to enlarge it for the baby to pass. With elective caesarean sections, there is no need to slit the birth canal painfully in a frantic move to pave the way for the baby. 

  • You Have More Than One Baby 

Sometimes, your bundles of blessings come as twins, triplets or quadruplets. Delivering more than one baby demands so much from your body. You need lots of energy to shove more than one baby out of the womb. However, elective caesarean section enables the obstetrician to create enough space to deliver all the babies. It also comes in handy when the baby is in an awkward position that hinders natural birth. You minimise the risk of death by opting for an elective caesarean section.