As a building material that was once popular, asbestos is now seen by many as inherently dangerous. To an extent, that is true. When you breathe in too much asbestos, there's a risk that you'll develop certain diseases. If you're about to request an asbestos audit for your building, you probably have set ideas about the substance and the dangers it poses. It's worth exploring some common misconceptions ahead of your asbestos survey taking place.

Asbestos Requires Immediate Removal 

In some cases, it's true that asbestos requires immediate removal. However, it's also possible to occupy a building where asbestos is present without anyone coming to any harm. The presence of asbestos alone isn't what causes harm to a person. When someone breathes in asbestos fibres, their risk of developing certain lung conditions increases. As such, if the areas of your property where asbestos is present are intact, the fibres are unlikely to be in the air. Similarly, if you're not planning on making alterations to those walls, you're unlikely to release asbestos fibres. The people performing your audit will investigate the condition of the property and what you intend to do with it before recommending that asbestos removal takes place.

People Overstate Abestos Dangers 

While it's possible to occupy a building where asbestos is present, you should still follow an audit's recommendations. Some people believe that asbestos's dangers are overstated as the harms don't appear in the short term following exposure. Additionally, it's possible to encounter one-off exposure and not suffer ill health. You shouldn't let these facts lead you into a false sense of security, though. With enough asbestos exposure, it's possible to develop rare forms of lung cancer and permanent lung damage. Therefore, if your asbestos survey recommends taking certain actions, you need to follow the advice within it.

You Can Remove Asbestos Yourself

If you request an asbestos audit and the auditor states where the asbestos is, resist the urge to remove it yourself. Asbestos removal requires the people performing it to wear specific forms of PPE. How the removal takes place also depends on the class of the product and the substances that surround it. All states also have strict laws governing how you dispose of asbestos so that it doesn't pose further harm to members of the public. If a report says that asbestos removal should take place, always leave it to the professionals. They're the best people to do the job in a safe and efficient manner.

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