When you start looking for general practitioner jobs outside of your country, Australia will likely come up. The reason for this is the recent increase in UK doctors and other physicians moving to Australia for general practitioner jobs. If you are considering a move to Australia for a general practitioner job, there are a few key things you need to know.

Use a Recruiter

One of the first things to keep in mind is the use of a recruiter. Medical companies and placement companies will offer placement services. You may not think you need this for general practitioner jobs, but there are benefits to working with the recruiter. A recruiter will not only help you locate and apply for the available jobs in their queue, but they will also help you with paperwork. Most of the recruiters do deal with international moves and know the steps you need to take. This can take out a lot of the guesswork you have when you start this process.

Moving Expenses

There is a misconception that moving expenses will always be provided prior to the move or that the move will be paid for in some way. You will need to sit down and discuss with the business or the recruiter exactly how the moving expenses are handled. In some cases, you may have moving services provided or a house ready for you. In other cases, you may be reimbursed a certain percentage of your move after you have relocated. Some general practitioner jobs will include a flat or small home as part of the job as well, depending on their need.

Contract Length

If you are moving out of country to Australia for general practitioner jobs, then understand a contract will likely be part of the job. These contracts can tie you to the company, hospital or group for a year or more. The contracts can be longer if you will be given a home or have moving expenses that will need to be paid back to the company in some way. Also, understand that these contracts will likely have a clause that states a financial fee if you leave the contract before it is over.

By keeping these three key points in mind when you consider the move to Australia, you can narrow down the choices that are right for you. When you are ready to move forward, make sure to meet with a representative that can help you with the paperwork to ensure you are going through the proper steps for the job and the move.